the insecurities in which society created


I apologize. You do not meet my overly high beauty standards. For that reason, I think of you as the highly overused and saddening adjective ugly, and now I’m going to let my friends know of that. We’re going to pick apart everything we dislike about you unconsciously, because that’s all that we’ve been surrounded by our entire lives. Gossip and un-realness.

When you look at someone the first thing to come to mind is your criticism on their appearance. You cannot deny this. No one can. It is only a psychological fact. It is as if you were wired to perpetually scale the percentage of how much that person fits your perfect idealizations. In your head that sounds quite awful, but it is also the raw truth.

Although you can’t help the negative thoughts that wander your mind, what you can help is speaking aloud your unneeded opinions on one’s looks. People state clearly that they become feebly insecure once finding out what someone has said about them towards their face, body, and so on. Yet, for some reason those same people are also apart of the huge portion of society that in which judges mindlessly for the hell of it.

People become surprised with others when they state how beautiful they think someone to be. They’re shocked because when they look at that someone they don’t find him/her in any way beautiful. The way you look at one person is the complete opposite of how someone else looks at them. Why is that? Because like stated before, in all technicalities, it is as if you were wired to perpetually scale the percentage of how much that person fits your perfect idealizations. Which is true. If one does not reach your requirements they are automatically classified and deemed as unfit in your brain.

Do your insecurities and so called flaws even exist? Or is it just the fact that were you born into a world where you are left alone to feel as if you don’t meet up to society’s standards because that is what you’re used to – being treated and talked about like you aren’t prepossessing enough. If I’m being factual, all of that is the case.

Your flaws are only flaws to you because of the people you are surrounded by, and because of the false advertisements and magazines filled with such precise and attractive people. You crave to look like those people. You compare yourself to those people. You try to find yourself in those people. You try to configure if you can amount to any of those people. You become so overwhelmed in self hatred that you begin to doubt yourself.

I too have struggled with such personal hatred. Being told – to your face and behind your back – that your nose is too big, lips too massive, face too odd shaped, eyebrows too much, body too small, hair too curly, and even beyond that really does cause a spiraling sense of self worth and matter. I used to overthink it all. Picking myself apart whenever in range of my reflection, scared that I would never be accepted because I am not pretty enough. And now, with the person I am now continuing and growing to become, I don’t care. I am content with who I am as is and although I am not yet complete with it all I am learning, because how I see myself is so much more important than worrying about how others see me.

Questionably, rather than looking beyond a person’s looks and discovering their lovely and intellectual state of mind and kind heart, people would preferably demolish someone’s psyche and subconscious without any culpability. And I will never understand the cause for that.

Every girl is the daughter of a mother and father, or even a mother and mother, or father and father. Likewise, every boy is the son of a mother and father, or mother and mother, or father and father. No parent wants to see their child become destroyed and timorous at the hands of some silly overcritical boy or girl.

The faults you think yourself to have are all mere illusions, for they are just a figment of the insecurities in which society has created.



behind every phone is a real human being?


Social media. Lately, I’ve been watching and observing people on the internet. I’ve been studying their online personalities and questioning how one can be so cruel, but then I think, they’re hiding behind a screen. It makes sense, right? Most people have taken social media to an extreme, becoming almost too attached to their alternate realities. Too attached to their alternate sense of self. This generation is losing the concepts of what sympathy and empathy are both supposed to be. They’ve become so prone and brainwashed to thinking that their words have no effect. They can say whatever they want right? There are no consequences right? The person in which they’ve sent hate to doesn’t have any emotions, feelings, issues, etc right? Stop using your own personal hatred towards others. Being mean doesn’t make you look good, it makes you look completely dumb.

Of course hate is a common issue. It seems that people via social media have absolutely no guilt when pressing that send button. Little to none. They sit behind their screen trying their hardest to conjure up the best comeback and or insult. And when they hit send their shoulders drop down in content and a large goofy smile is placed onto their face. All because what? They enjoy triggering someone to do the worst to themselves? They enjoy knowing that someone is crumpling into a sudden wave of sadness and self hatred? And its all okay right, because that person is problematic and not liked by anyone? They get defensive saying, it’s just my opinion! That will always remain as the most crap filled phrase I’ve ever heard. I say this so much that it’s become permanently indented into my brain: if your “opinion” is demeaning, insulting, shaming, or just flat out rude then it’s not an opinion, you’re just being an asshole. People nowadays use one’s fault, flaws, race, body, sexuality, gender, etc against them because they think it means they’ve created something on par with the one whom they’re arguing with. It doesn’t mean that at all.

Hate is only funny to most people up until they finally receive it themselves. Then suddenly they’re the victim. Hypocrisy nowadays is real and intensely alive. It’s sad, because a large percentage of people sending hate aren’t in anyway like that in reality. If you would never say something awful to someone’s face then don’t say anything awful to someone on social media point blank. It’s starting to become way too much.

Cyber bullying is illegal in nearly all states and yet that doesn’t stop anyone from being hateful. Is it not clear that your terrible words of detest are indeed labeled as cyber bullying? What are you going to do if one day your future child comes forward to you with tear stained cheeks all because he/she is being cyber bullied? Are you going to realize that in the past you were just like the kids who are now bullying your own child? How are you going to explain that to him/her?

Don’t forget that everyone is going through something. Whether if that something is big or small don’t destroy them for your own pleasure. Don’t sit back and watch as all the hate towards them begins to enfold. Don’t become immune to the terrors of social media and the people on it.

Sending hate out of spite when you know it’s wrong isn’t a pretty sight. Arguments online are frequent. If you become caught in the middle of one maybe through a friend then do not defend your friend if you know what he/she said was wrong. Especially don’t say something out of line or abhorrent just because you feel the need to impress your friend. None of that is okay.

Social media has been filled with so much ignorance lately. In all honesty it seems that people will say and joke about whatever they need to just to get themselves trending and popular. People care more about impressing others rather than caring about someone else’s well being. You CANNOT hate on someone you do not know. You CANNOT say or assume when you’ve equally done terrible things, but just maybe not at the same levels. Stop thinking that it’s right to do that.

To sum up these problems, why can’t people just THINK. Is it really that hard?

Has it not become apparent enough that behind every phone is a real human being?