who is aaliyah

“You’ll meet her, she’s very pretty, even though sometimes she’s sad for many days at a time. You’ll see. When she smiles, you’ll love her.” – Pan’s Labyrinth

Although, I am currently only fourteen and a freshman in high school, I have had a love for deep thoughts and intense words since the young age of eleven. Undoubtedly eleven was the age that I truly discovered my ¬†passion for writing, but never thought much on it. There were always signs of my future ability to create powerful writing pieces but I never liked boasting or letting that be known to others. I kept to myself, and until years later, this year I finally decided to start turning my work and viewings into more in depth fictional stories on Wattpad. Much to my amazement I got so much incredible and lovely feed back from just posting those stories. I had people reaching out to me for help, asking a series of questions, and I also received kind hearted compliments. I recently decided that Wattpad is meant only for my stories, and now I want to grow and put out so much more of what’s going through my head in a more complex way, through a blog without any boundaries. I want to create. I want to talk/write about my generation and how humanity/teens are all in all polluting it with their abhorrent close minds and horrible actions/ways. I want to speak on injustices, matters, and every subject possible. And last of all, I just want to learn and understand.